AXIGEN Releases Version 7.2 Beta with New Desktop-like WebMail Interface Based on Ajax

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Published on July 16, 2009

Dear AXIGEN Friend,

We are happy to announce that we have just released version 7.2 Beta of AXIGEN Mail Server. In addition to a wide range of enhancements, this fresh release comes with a fully reshaped, desktop-like WebMail interface based on the Ajax technology.

Technology Preview: The new Ajax-based WebMail interface delivers the usability and performance of a desktop email client, bringing AXIGEN one step closer towards the ambitious goal of taking Web communication interfaces to the next level.

-- The new WebMail Interface features an overall optimized look-and-feel. Keyboard navigation and shortcuts, drag-and-drop, live email list view, frequent folders, all the new intuitive features of version 7.2 are designed to render email related tasks effective and pain-free, by allowing users to rely on shortcuts and time saving tricks they have already learned while using classic desktop email clients such as Outlook or Thunderbird.
-- The innovative WebMail technology brings multiple, customizable advertising capabilities, also introducing white branding options. Third party applications such as portals or community-related tools are granted extended live access to mailbox information – unread emails, upcoming events or tasks, total number of messages and much more.

For the complete list of features and enhancements brought by AXIGEN Mail Server v7.2 Beta, please see the list below.

To get a hands-on experience of the new Beta release, please join our testing campaign. Download and install the freshly-made available 7.2 versions of the AXIGEN server and Outlook Connector and be the first to review our desktop-like WebMail interface and all the other enhancements introduced by this release.

As always, we invite you to send us your impressions, ideas and questions regarding this new Beta release, or any other AXIGEN versions, product features or licensing. Please feel free to contact us at:

Best regards,

AXIGEN Mail Server 7.2 Beta

New features
WEBMAIL: New WebMail interface based on the Ajax technology (it can be used in parallel with the older, standard one).

Technology Preview - main features:
- Advanced navigation: Keyboard navigation, Drag-and-drop, Keyboard shortcuts, Dynamic loading / caching, "Live" email list view (no pagination)
- Information access improvements: Attachment management, Frequent folders
- External application integration: SOAP access to mailbox data, Advertising capabilities

- The AXIGEN package for Windows operating systems now performs automatic upgrades from earlier versions.
- The WebMail and WebAdmin services can now encode their responses using the GZIP application if the client supports it.
- Centralized cross-domain management of ActiveSync(R) accounts, from CLI and WebAdmin; the CLI command "LIST ActiveSyncAccounts" now supports wildcard characters.
- Default timezone and default language configurable at server and domain levels, to control how these attributes are set when accounts are created.
- SMTP-filters "RFCBreak" variable controlled from the WebAdmin wizard.
- AXIGEN now sends the optional "connect macro package" before the "connect package" itself; this is useful for Milter clients that need macro information.
- Enhanced storage management from the CLI and WebAdmin interfaces.
-- Capability to easily activate (enable) and deactivate (disable) domains.
-- Capability to change parameters for any storage unit of a domain storage, while the domain is enabled or disabled.
-- Capability to permanently delete a domain storage.
-- One new parameter for using a storage unit: "readOnly".
- New "customerReference" attribute available at domain-level and account-level for keeping customer-specific information; this attribute is manageable from CLI and WebAdmin.
- Capability to enable / disable the use of the Outlook Connector and Web Personal Organizer at 3 levels: account defaults, account class and user account.
- Advertising from WebMail.
-- New attributes for enabling and controlling the advertising displayed in the WebMail interface.
-- These attributes are manageable from CLI and WebAdmin at 3 levels: account defaults, account class and user account.
-- These attributes are synchronized with a LDAP server when the LDAP synchronization is enabled on that domain.
-- These attributes can also be managed from the Active Directory extension.

Bugfixes from the previous version
- Configuration files containing special characters can now be restored.
- The AXIGEN.mib file contained a typo that made certain MIB compilers fail.
- The "Expunge" command did not work on other users' folders.
- AXIGEN no longer hangs when using the IMAP ACL intensively.
- Attendees that deleted events from which they had been previously uninvited were added again to the events in question.
- The event organizer no longer receives "Declined:Canceled: Event Name" messages from attendees when they delete the events that were either cancelled or for which they were uninvited.
- The first word from a new line following a HTML tag could not be replaced/found.
- Events with attendees can now be saved from Mozilla Sunbird.
- Null message headers or body used to break the synchronization with mobiledevices.
- Fixed several contact fields compatibility issues between Outlook and BlackBerry smart phones.
- Fixed several event fields compatibility issues between WebMail and BlackBerry smart phones.

Platform and application support changes
Added support for:
- SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11
- Fedora 11
- Ubuntu Server 9.04
- Mandriva 2009.1
- OpenBSD 4.5
- NetBSD 5.0
- SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (PPC)

Removed support for:
- Fedora 9
- Ubuntu Server 7.10
- Mandriva 2008.0
- OpenBSD 4.3
- Fedora 8 (ppc)

AXIGEN Outlook Connector 7.2 Beta

New Features
- Support for Completed/Forwarded flags.
- Synchronization of selected Address Book folders with the WebMail service.

- Support for distribution lists has now been added.

Bugfixes from the previous versions
- Event descriptions are now added to proposal mails.
- Re-enter password dialog is now available for users that check the "Remember password" option.
- The "email Address book" flag is now properly displayed.
- Only one folder can be used as an Address Book at the time.
- Fixed mail sending after creating a few calendar events with attendees.
- Shared events are now updated in the Outlook Connector.
- The ATT0001.txt is now removed upon calendar creation.
- No more errors are returned when selecting a message from Search Results.
- Searching folders now works on MAPI.
- All day meeting event proposals are now handled by the Outlook Connector.
- Second recipient name is now displayed when the first recipient name is UTF-8 encoded.
- Email messages are now moved from the "Drafts" folder after sending them.
- Changing flags (e.g. "Seen") on multiple messages now modifies the flag for all selected messages.
- If the "Autosave" function is triggered when composing a message, the message can still be sent.
- Message text format is no longer lost when sent from "Drafts".
- Email messages containing Greek characters are now properly displayed in the non-cached mode, after being read with cached mode.
- Certain encoded file names containing special characters, such as "(", could not be decoded.