AXIGEN v1.1 Beta 1

Category: Product Releases
Published on December 29, 2005

A new beta release is available on our site, AXIGEN v1.1.0 Beta 1, which includes a number of new features.
This is a beta release please don't install it in production environment.

1. New Features/Changes

ListServer: added core List Server features (more info in our online Knowledge Base).
IMAP: the entire IMAP engine has been rewritten to allow better command parsing and faster mailbox access.
CLI/WebAdmin: added Storage Compactor and Error Checker.
System: server drops root privileges and runs as normal system user (default username / password: axigen / axigen)
Migration: added migration engine between a remote IMAP server and AXIGEN
- If the local part of the recipient is of form "user+folder", the email is delivered directly into the specified folder;
- AllowStartTLS option has been moved to the Clients section (context);
- Supported ESMTP extensions can now be enabled or disabled per client;
- Supported ESMTP extensions can now be enabled or disabled per client;
- Added SSL support enabling per client configuration;
Processing: added configurable maximum number of messages per second for each account (messagesPerSecond), and the period during which the account will be disabled if the message limit is exceeded (disableInterval);
SSL: Added support for the Anonymous Diffie-Hellman (ADH) cipher.
- Added support for persistent HTTP connections (Keep-Alive);
- Maximum size for headers, body and attachments is configurable server-, domain- and user-wise
- Create and Register for DDBs are both present in the "Commands" tab to ease this process;
- Added "Upload License Key" feature, which allows the administrator to register the server without having to manually copy the license key onto the server;
POP3: Users can access other folders than INBOX by using the "user+folder" login username

2. Main Issues Fixed
- Reporting: Fixed several server hangs related to the reporting module.

We offer our customers the chance to test these new features and make comments on them.
Your opinions on our products are very important for us so take the opportunity to send us your feedback.

Please use this beta release only in a testing environment.