AXIGEN v3 BETA release now available with Clustering Support

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Published on February 12, 2007

Dear AXIGEN Friends,

We are happy to announce you that we have released the new 3.0 BETA version and we invite you all to be part of our beta testing campaign.

Starting with version 3.0, the AXIGEN Mail Server is available in two editions with different sets of features. All the features listed below are comprised in the BETA kit and can be tested all throughout the evaluation period. However, the features will be activated differently in the commercial releases, as described on our website.

The ISP Edition contains, besides the version 2.0 core, clustering support consisting of POP3 / IMAP Proxy Services with LDAP routing and other specific features and enhancements.

Business Edition also brings a range of new features such, remote POP3 access, WebMail enhancements and many more.
As a special offer, we have included in the Business Edition support for Microsoft Active Directory Authentication and Public Address Book.

For further details on the feature range offered by the BETA product, please see the lists below:

1. New Features
== ==========

Clustering support:
- POP3/IMAP Proxy Service with LDAP routing - allows system administrators to spread mailboxes on several AXIGEN servers and route POP3/IMAP connections to the appropriate mailbox server through a separate machine.
- LDAP routing for the SMTP service - a separate machine can now route SMTP connections to different AXIGEN servers handling the respective connections.

- Kerberos Authentication - enables authentication to a Microsoft Active Directory service
- Secure Password Enforcement – system administrators can now define policies for user passwords, such as requiring character diversity or minimum password length, thus enhancing their security policy.
- LDAP authentication - centralized storage of user passwords in a LDAP repository is now available.

- RPOP - users can now access and retrieve emails for remote POP3 accounts through their AXIGEN WebMail accounts.
- Public Address Book – contains the email addresses of all the user accounts created within a domain. The Public Address Book is available for all users when using the WebMail interface.

2. Enhancements
== ===========
- FTP Backup: The backup service now supports PASSIVE-mode FTP operations.
- Administration: Message Acceptance and Routing Policies can now be created automatically using the SMTP Filtering Wizard from, available through the WebAdmin interface.
- WebMail: The WebMail interface currently checks for new messages periodically and notifies users if a new message has arrived.
- WebMail: The WebMail interface will notify users when they are close to reaching their maximum allowed quota.
- WebMail: Messages can now be grouped by conversation threads or by other criteria, such as From, To, Date etc
- WebMail: When composing an email, the WebMail interface will automatically suggest contacts from the private and/or public address book as you type.

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