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Axigen Beta Testing

Be the first to try the latest additions to our messaging software. Become an Axigen beta tester & tell us what we should improve!

Beta Testing Benefits

  • You get to preview the product before the final product is released
  • You can request extra features
  • You get priority e-mail and online support
  • You get significant discounts on our final product purchase for your company
(become a tester)

We have designed our Beta Program in order to give existing or potential clients and partners the possibility to try out our soon-to-be-released products and let us know what they think.

Do you want to be among the first to experience a top-quality messaging solution and have a say about it? Take a look at the benefits you get as a Beta Tester.

About Beta Software

It is important to understand that beta software may not be fully debugged, being publicly available for testing purposes only. We do not recommend to install beta versions in real production environment as unpredicted issues may appear during operation, maintenance and upgrade. The beta versions may differ significantly from the commercial ones and no migration procedures are ensured.

We, like other software vendors, post beta versions of our software to give existing customers a chance to try the new features, comment on them, and report any issues you may encounter. If you are not familiar with Mail Servers, then we recommend you not to download the beta version. On the other hand, if you are interested in trying new products and willing to report any issues or features that may be useful to you, then we encourage you to give the beta version a try.

There are no beta products available for the moment.

Steps of Beta Testing

  1. Download and install the product you are interested in testing
  2. Spend a while getting to know the product and the testing process
  3. Prepare and send-out bug reports for all errors (using the beta Feedback Form, or by simply sending comments to Support or on beta discussion list)
    1. Send us your suggestions on how to improve product testing: we would appreciate any idea, even if you think it's too unimportant, obvious, or "crazy"
    2. Report on compatibility issues (specifically related to your configuration)
  4. Get feedback from us (bug repair, new features)
    1. on the beta discussion list
    2. in the release notes files with each new release