2 Updates available?

In my Webadmin it states I have 2 updates available.
I have this version of Axigen:
|Operating system:|Windows / x64|
|Current Server version:||
|Current WebMail version:||
|Current WebAdmin version:||

When I go into “View updates” I am prompted to download and install both 10.3.3 and ?

Should I only install (File replacement) or is there some extra reason to install Axigen_x64-10.3.3.msi when I already am on 10.3.3.x ?

Hello Petter,

Thank you for your report - we’ll check internally to see what triggeres this unfortunate situation.

In the mean time you could safelly update to

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Same issue here,
I have performed the upgrade to and then i also installed the 10.3.3.msi selecting the Repair option.
Afther this i still see the message that there is 1 update available… the 10.3.3.msi.
The version shows
All is working fine.


Sorry to hear that my previous reply was not clear enough. There is no need to run the 10.3.3 installer but to follow the update steps for

We have some ideas of why this is happening and most probably we’ll provide soon a patch for this issue.

In the mean time no need to run 10.3.3 installer if you are already on 10.3.3

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The issue should now be sorted.
Can you please confirm that the 10.3.3 update no longer appears?

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I confirm, i see that no updates are available.

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Only one update available here now, as well :slight_smile: