5.4.1 Recipient address rejected: Access denied

I am getting this when I send an email in thunderbird and the mailbox does not exist on the receiving mailserver. This is unusual. It should just process it and then send a ndr. How can I change this?

I find it strange that no one has an issue with this. For me this is a real problem. Is there no way to let the mail go through.


You have 2 options that you may try to see if it is working for you:

1/ add a recipient which you know it exists (for example you could BCC your email address)

2/ set Wait for mail processing at most to 0 sec (from WebAdmin > Security & Filtering > Acceptance & Routing > Acceptance Basic Settings > Basic Policies)

Note: option 2/ is not recommended but most probably you have a special setup where you like this unusual way of processing messages.


Thanks Indreias that seems to have fixed the problem. I have however not a special setup at all. All completely basic and default.

Maybe you can help me with something else: the admin console logs me out automatically. Can I turn that off somewhere?

Hello Hans,

If it is about inactivity detection for the WebAdmin interface, than you may try to play with: WebAdmin Interface > Services > WebAdmin > WebAdmin Options > Close inactive sessions: 15 min (default value).

Or it is about something else?


Thanks, that was it. I was looking for that setting but could not find it. Thanks again!