Axigen only for business?

Hello forum user,

is Axigen for the privat using at home too, or is it only for business?

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You can use it with 5 user free license in your home.

Hi Timo,

as @Mohammad already wrote: There is the 5 user free license.
However: Please know, that there are quite a few culprits, if you want to actually set up and use a mail server from home.
Depending on where you are living, there are a few things you might want to keep in mind:

  • ISPs blocking SMTP ports
  • Blacklists blocking “Dynamic” IP Ranges, ie. ranges of IP addresses used by ISPs to assign to their customers (Rather common in Germany and the Netherlands, for instance)

So if you want to give Axigen a test spin or use it for home or family: you might want to see if a VM at a hosting company might be a solution:
Hetzner, DomainFactory (JiffyBox), Rackspace, Amazon, Azure etc. etc. etc.
For ~ 5 EUR / Month you can get a decent VM, fixed IP address and a standard Linux OS and you’d avoid all those culprits.

Cheers and good luck!


thank you for your answers Jeroen and Mohammad. With “home” i mean a VPS (thank you for the description Jeroen). No a server at my home. I think it is not so good to host a mailserver at home.

If i “buy” a free license, so what will happen with my data at the registration?

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