Axigen patches update script - Windows

Our support team have generated a PowerShell script to ease installation of Axigen minor updates (Axigen binary, WebMail, and WebAdmin) on Windows.


SHA1: 33c5003bc5b94a2520617db088140eb3b5db66f6

Usage: ./axigen-update.ps1 <SERVICE_NAME>

:information_source: The script requires PowerShell version 5 or newer
:information_source: Because the script is not signed an error could occur. In this case to allow the script to run on your system you should run below command:

Unblock-file axigen-update.ps1

This script will restart the Axigen service, we strongly recommend to run it during a maintenance window.

:warning: Note that this script is not suitable for High-availability cluster installations.

Feel free to express your feedback about this script here or by contacting support team.

Updated: 2019-05-01T21:00:00Z