Axigen X update


I’m currently running version of Axigen X (Linux / x64 - Business Messaging / Perpetual)
As it’s not a major update, could I update it to version 10.2.2 without active software maintenance ?



Are you running the Axigen with a Free License Edition? If yes, you can always upgrade to the latest software version (being limited to 5 users).
If you had a commercial version, then it is advisable to send an enquiry to i dot sales at axigen dot com and provide your exact Axigen License Registration Code to see what is the maximum Axigen software version that is eligible for your license key.

Hi Bogdan,

As mentioned in my first message between parenthesis, I run “Business Messaging / Perpetual
This mean that I had a commercial license up to mid 2018.
I’m going to send a mail to i dot sales to know the last version eligible with my registration code.

Thanks for your answer.


missed that sorry. Good that I added the solution for this as well.