BitDefender - AFSL

I have not been able to find any documentation on the AFSL format.
So how would I go about adding a custom header to any message that contains the BitDefender results?
I know I can use “.ACTION_SET_HEADER” but what would the parameters be?

What does result code 221 mean?
Codes 220 and 222 are for infections of some kind based on the bd.afsl file.

Hello Andrew,

Our recommendation is to not make any other changes into bd.afsl file other than the self-explanatory one that will allow you to switch from “body replacement” to “subject prepend” in case of a malware detection.

Coming back to your question: the codes 220 or 222 (btw 221 should not appear) are not important but the letters assigned, and again, you have all needed information inside the file

  # AV results

Lastly, you may use:

.ACTION_SET_HEADER "Customer-Header" "Custom-Value"

to achieve desired behavior.

We really hope you know what you are doing as we are discussing about an advanced modification on deployed files.