Bitdefender - decoding results

How does one interpret the following entry from the log file:

222 V Build: [Engines:, Stamp: 3], Multi: [Enabled, t: (0.000006,0.085792)], BW: [Enabled, t: (0.000014)], RTDA: [Enabled, t: (0.756102), Hit: Yes, Details: v2.53.0; Id: 16.kr7wz.1h2r2bmpt.1i6; mclb; categories: malware(bin); fipr(105m25405db08e9b7d9d07d789319623b63b:849); fz(10203a99a181a9e109e83f1c9b863bfd0a39:849); bin(819a795d3c2a5c156b9f9609fa15e228:899)], total: 899(775)

This is from an email sent internally that contains attachments.
I have narrowed it down to the Anti-Spam acting up by running “SCANFILE 31” which returns 227. All of the attachments have scanned clean via VirusTotal. So just what is BitDefender complaining about???

Hello Andrew,

The “V” shows that Bitdefender has classified it as “VIRUS” (as explained into the associated AFSL filter file).

More, because the details after [Engine:....] do not make any reference to a specific malware but it is saying: categories: malware(bin) this is an indication that the Bitdefender cloud analysis indicate a suspect content.

If you are sure that this is a False Positive situation please send the sample to our support team (into a password protected ZIP file) so it could be routed to Bitdender for further checks.