Bug or feature: Set E-Mail to "read" after double clicking / opening it


a customer brought this to my attention:
When in the WebClient (Ajax) settings / interface / “Mark messages as “Read” automatically” / all options are deactivated*, not even double clicking an e-mail will set it to “Read”.

  • Customer’s employees all share their mail boxes to everyone (Don’t ask :roll_eyes: ) :
    If someone has the preview pane activated and goes into somebody else’s mail box, e-mails might get set to “Read” - the owner of the mail box might miss something, as for him, the e-mail is then marked as read as well.
    Which is the reason, why all options in “Settings” are deactivated.

However, this leads to E-Mails which are purposefully (!) opened by double-click not being set to “Read” as well.

Is this by design?

Hello Jeroen,

I’ve checked your report and could confirm that the described scenario is the intended behavior.

In our current implementation, disabling Mark messages as ‘Read’ automatically assumes that users will mark their messages as ‘Read’ manually (Right click on message > mark as read).


Hai Indreias,

thanks for your feedback! I have communicated this back to the customer.

Kind regards