Bugs of RemotePOP related to Outlook.com


Bugs when using the ajax interface of webmail to add an outlook.com account:

  1. When configuring Remote POP with an outlook.com account, the username of the account used is @hotmail.com. There is no option to select @outlook.com.

  2. When trying to add a standard POP account, and inserting the details manually, the username xxxx@outlook.com is replaced with xxxx@hotmail.com automatically by axigen (at least this is happening on the Ajax interface).

When using the standard interface, I was able to add the outlook.com account using the “SSL” encryption option, instead of “TLS” (as suggested by their documentation).



Thank you for your message.
We were able to replicate both behaviors described on your #1 and #2 points and we have provided all this information to our developers (AXI-4222).

We will keep you posted in this matter.
Thank you.