CalDAV and CardDAV not syncing with new phone

I recently got a new phone and tried to set it up to sync my calendar & contacts, but can’t get them to sync (e-mail works fine). I thought it had to do with the new Android OS version and DAVx5, but when I asked their forum, they said that it was an encoding problem.

Can someone please confirm if that is true? If not, then what steps can I do to get my calendar & contacts syncing again via DAV?

DAVx5 forum - CardDAV sync issues with new phone · bitfireAT/davx5-ose · Discussion #346 · GitHub

Update: I upgraded to 10.5.9 today and still having issues.

Hello @Trekkie,

I just tested the DAVx5 version 4.3.9 installed on Android 10 and I was able to sync Calendar and Contacts with Axigen 10.5.9.



Reviewing the information we have on our side we understand that the problem is popping-up when one or more calendar / contact items include non-UTF8 characters.

We are not discussing here how this happens (usually it is referred to garbage in / garbage out) but to the fact that when preparing the XML response for the REPORT multi-get method the fact that there are non-UTF8 characters for a DAV item will produce an empty element, thus errors into the DAV client(s).

Just a note: the GET method is unaffected as there is no XML generated for it.

We have started an internal discussion with our dev and product teams on how to handle this - in the meantime you may use WebMail and review the details of the contacts you have in your account for the presence of non-UTF8 characters. If there are too many contacts to be reviewed than I don’t have right now another option for you.


Correct - works on older versions of Android, but not on Android 13. My old phone still syncs, but the new one receives errors using the same software.

Thanks. If you need some logs to assist, please let me know.

Just wanted to check to see if there’s an update with this. Since I have hundreds of contacts in my account, some with lots of notes, images, etc., this is still an issue.

@indreias - I received the e-mail regarding the upcoming Axigen X6. Has this been resolved with the new version?

Hello @Trekkie - could you please let us know if the problem was solved after upgrading to any version starting with 10.5.19 (released today)?


Thanks for the response. I just did the update and then tried to sync. It’s showing me the same error on my phone. I also checked the webmail and confirmed that recent calendar and contact items that I’ve added to my phone didn’t sync to the server.


In this situation we definitely need to have more information from your side (like logs / specific items from your account) and this is not the apropiate channel being a public one.

Could you please open a support case (via email, referring this thread) so we could continue over it?


I use the free version of the software, so support isn’t included.

I know this situation but still advised you to open a support ticket via email - do not worry that it will be rejected as we’ll picked it up from the “invalid” queue it will be automatically delivered.

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Thanks, I found the instructions and will start the ticket.