Can I setup multiple SMTP accounts?

Hi there,

So I am brand new to axigen and so far loving it. I have a small lab at home where I am playing with it in order to decide whether to stick with it or not.

My question is this, can you setup multiple SMTP accounts? and if so how?

I have a few work related email accounts that I managed to fetch using POP (Remote POP) but if I wanted to reply to those emails from axigen I will need to define the “from” with the correct work email account.

So adding an SMTP account will allow me to send an email using my work email account from axigen.

Does that makes sense?

Many Thanks!

If you’re using the free version ( Free Mail Server | Axigen), you can have up to five users, but with each user, it can have multiple aliases. You can do this by using this [document]( Managing Account Aliases | Axigen Documentation).

I don’t think that solves the problem I am having. Aliases are not the same as SMTP accounts.

You saying I can setup an alias for one of my work email accounts? like myaccount@company-dot-com ? where is owned by my company?

Or a more general purpose one: gmail-dot-com, if I were to send emails using my account from AXIGEN is that even possible? So far I don’t think it is or at least I haven’t found the “how” to do it

You can only set up these for domains you own and the server handles. If DNS points to a different server and that address is authoritative, then that’s where e-mail is delivered. I don’t know of any way for you to create an account on your server that is equates to another domain you don’t own (like gmail) and if you send e-mail saying that you’re a domain you don’t own, recipient servers will reject it because of SPF/DMARC, etc.

Hello Rafael,

Axigen does not offer support to so called “SMTP accounts” which should permit you to use other external email accounts to send mail when using Axigen WebMail interface.