Can't access CLI: -ERR: Syntax error

I’m testing Axigen X Free edition and I’m stuck at the Migration process: I get constantly the message “Login failed. Try again.” when using the Webmail.
I then tried to do it using CLI, as per instruction, and also to troubleshoot the issue.
To my surprise I can’t login into CLI. Whatever I write (help, HELP, user admin, user “admin” etc), I get always the same answer:

-ERR: Syntax error.

So the migration using webmail is stuck, but also the migration using CLI is stuck.
What is worse, the troubleshooting console also doesn’t work.
Any idea where I can start?
I suppose there is a problem with STARTTLS or SSL when trying to migrate using webmail, but I’m getting no info.
Still, I certainly need CLI and I’ve seen absolutely no similar topic.

The system: Axigen latest, running on Linux Debian 10, with SpamAssassin and ClamAV.

systemctl status for axigen, spamassassin and ClamAV daemon are all ok.

System Information

Operating system: Linux / x64
Current Server version:
Current WebMail version:
Current WebAdmin version:

Increasing the log level and looking at everything.txt I was able to make the migration of the test account. Had to do some trial-and-error but this was expected.

But I still haven’t found a way of accessing CLI. I’m always getting the Syntax errors


hi accessing to cli is very simple. But by default its accessible only on the server:
telnet 7000
user admin

I’ve done this. But I’ve changed the access restriction to instead of
So I’m trying from another machine using telnet.
Is it by default that the only origin can be local or can I login from a remote machine?

I did a local login using and it works, so I suppose the local is mandatory…


By changing 7000 to 7000 you can login from any station but you need to config system firewall to accept connection on port 7000

Yes, I did so. I’ve arrived at the login prompt of the CLI doing telnet from a different PC.
This is where I had the syntax error.
I’m assuming now that CLI access is only local, can’t be done from remote PC.
The way to go is to access remotely using SSH and then using telnet local. This works.


Hello Udo,

In case your CLI listener is set on IP (instead of the default value of and port 7000 than you should be able to connect from a different PC (no need to SSH first and connect to localhost).

Please let us know if you still need some advices here.