Changed axigen account password, Chrome wants me to sign in on every load


|Operating system:|Windows / x64|
|Current Server version:||
|Current WebMail version:||
|Current WebAdmin version:||

I changed the password for my Account, via WebAdmin, and now when I load the webmail; Chrome wants me to Sign in.

I am already signed in through the initial login page and can use my email, but this pop-up is annoying me every time I want to check my Email.

Even if I enter my username and new or old and password, it keeps popping up.
Tried with only the username as well as with the whole email address…


Tried clearing cookies for the site to no avail, anyone have any ideas?

It suddenly stopped happening today, by the way.

Don’t believe I did any particular changes to make it stop.

This happen to me as well.
And I tried multiple browser (Chrome, Firefox and Edge) when the issue arise and similar result.
Then as per @Norlig similar thing happen it stop on its own without doing any changes.