Configuring Message Rule: WA_Blacklist_Check results in error

I’m running Axigen v. 10.4.6 on Windows/x64 and Linux/x64.

When I click “EDIT” in “Incoming Message Rules / WA_Blacklist_Check” I get an error message saying:

“Error parsing the Sieve filters file.
Nested expressions are not supported by the WebAdmin Sieve wizard.”

Is there something wrong with my wasieve-server.sieve ? I never edited it directly, only via the Admin User Interface.
I can upload my sieve file if needed. These are the first 21 lines in it:

require [“reject”, “replace”, “fileinto”, “envelope”, “copy”, “forward”, “vacation”, “tagsubject”, “body”, “relational”, “axidate”, “addressbook”, “restoremessage”, “markmessage”, “feature”, “iConfirmation”, “variables”, “extlists”, “imap4flags”];

##Filter id=34 name=“WA_Variables_Initialization” enabled=1
set “whitelist_match” “false”;
##Filter id=35 name=“WA_Blacklist_Check” enabled=1
if allof (
string :is [“${whitelist_match}”] [“false”],
anyof (
envelope :list [“From”] [“:blacklist:server”],
address :list [“From”] [“:blacklist:server”]
) {
fileinto “Trash”;
##Filter id=36 name=“WA_Whitelist_Check” enabled=1
if anyof (
address :contains [“From”] [“”]
) {
set “whitelist_match” “${1}”;

Thank you!

Hello Aham,

Please note the situation you reported is known and it’s already in the attention of our Development team.
The rule you are referring to is not intended to be directly modified from within the “Incoming message rules” section and we recommend ignoring this rule in this section, as it is implementing some functionality related to the blacklist checks.
This behavior regarding how the rule is shown will be improved in a future release of Axigen.

Thank you,

OK, that is a clear answer. Thank you!


Hello ValentinZ,

I’m installing 10.5.5 now and this behaviour is still the same.