Control Log file rotation time?


How can I decide when my log files are rotated?

Currently I have it set like this:

But it rotates at 11:00 (AM) , I run a service restart at 02:00 (AM) where I also run a powershell script that scans the log files for unauthorized login attempts, but It misses everything between 02:00-11:00 due to the unfortunate rotation time.

Would be nice if it rotated at service restart or set a specific time for it to rotate.
can set it to Rotate at X hours, but what is the 0 time in that case?

Hi Norlig.
Please attention which service log you are configuring and arrange of log rules.
By the way better analyze login attempts I suggest you to enable security log rule by editing axigen.cfg :

find : enableSecurityLog = no
and change it to : yes
restart axigen service, you can now have better look on unauthorized login attempts.

Hi Mohammad,

At the moment I have all Log Collection Rules set to log to an individual file.

the SMTP Receiving.log is what I am checking in Powershell , would like this to either rotate at 02:05 AM or when service is restarted nightly. thanks!

I also enabled security log :slight_smile:

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