DKIM Body Hash Did Not Verify

I have configured DKIM as suggested somewhere in the forums where I set the key path, selector and Sign. The message is signed but it seems it is modified when received. I get the header from the received message and I analyze it on and I get a message for DKIM verification:
Body Hash Did Not Verify

How can I correct this?

I also notice in the headers, that the second header for Received-SPF is blank. Can that be somehow fixed with some settings in the Admin console?

Content-Type: multipart/alternative;
X-AXIGEN-DK-Result: Ok
DomainKey-Status: good


We have found that DKIM verification at is buggy and reported back to them (in case you are interested our report have on their side ticket ID: PVS-VLHTM-867)

Our advice is to test DKIM signature with other similar online tools like:


Thanks for the reply. That would make sense. I did test with the and that works.