Docker image update

Any chance we can get an updated docker aimge? Last docker update is one year old, and the image does not support X-FORWARD IP address which makes it rather hard running in Kubernetes

I´m new in Axigen and for me it is still a test to replace my current mail server with Axigen.
I also use the Docker version and it looks like, that the latest Docker Version is very old.
Is there another way to update the Docker installation ? I didn´t found a solution right now.

When there is no Option to Update the Docker installation, and Axigen will also not update the docker versions, then Axigen would be no option for me anymore and I would not spend any energy anymore on that test.

So, an answer from Axigen would be great

I made my own image running the newest version. It is not an automatic build but I try and update each time I see an update is there.

Is there a way this could be cross compiled for ARM? Like Arm64, Arm32, AARCH64, etc. Would be nice to use axigen on arm since the developers refuse to support the arm arch.