Email filter precedence

Good morning. Couple quick questions about email filters. I understand from the documentation that there are several levels of filters (server, domain, user) processed in that order, and that the later actions can overwrite previous actions, e.g. if a server level filter says move it to folder1 but a user filter says move it to folder2, the user filter will take precedence.

My questions about this are:

  1. If an email matches both a server filter and a user filter, and the actions are different, e.g. the server filter says to move it to a folder, and the user filter says to mark it as read, will both filters take effect as long as the actions don’t conflict?
  2. If there are multiple user filters that match a message, e.g. the first filter says if it’s from then move it to this folder, and a second filter says if it says “Backup Success” in the subject then mark it as read, will both filters take effect, or only the first or last one?

Thank you