Evolution - Axigen 10.3: Massive issues (still)


despite some patches for Evolution (CalDav), I still see massive issues with the current Evolution client.

  1. CalDav still doesn’t work well. Neither can I accept meetings reliably (worked once) nor are meetings properly synched:
  • I can create a meeting in Evolution, it is synched to the server. Meetings created in WebMail or Active Sync are seldom synched or appear to be damaged (Text is garbled) or has wrong timings.
  1. E-Mails that were sent over the last days in Evolution are missing completely. This might be caused by IMAP folders not being subscribed to properly:
    Sent Objects and Trash are missing after every restart and have to be unsubscribed and resubscribed manually.
    The same happens with public folders

  2. Objects moved to a subfolder are (still) appearing in both “Trash” and the targeted folder. Which is really annoying, because one tends to slightly panic, seeing important mails in the Trash - assuming you’ve gone completely bananas to delete this e-mail. Only to find out, that you really didn’t, but something’s amiss.

In short:
At the moment, Evolution is not a good client in combination with Axigen 10.3
Alas, for linux users, there are no decent options left. Best bet still is Thunderbird, although iCal / CalDav doesn’t work too well either.
WebClient is only an option, if you’re not signing your messages (Which I do) or are receiving S/MIME encrypted messages.