Export Email from Axigen

Hi all,

Can I export emails from Axigen for a specific user? There doesn’t seem to be any built-in method or tool.

Online searches seem to suggest using third-party programs. I’m reluctant to use a third-party app that requires the username/password of the account being exported.

Ideally, I’d like to export to a .PST file.

Any suggestions?


If you’re using an Outlook client, just set up a PST and sync the mailbox to the local PST. I haven’t seen a way to export from the server itself like we can in MS Exchange.

Thanks @Trekkie,

That’s what I ended up doing as well. :slight_smile:

I started out looking for an Axigen built-in solution, but when I found nothing I thought I would reach out to the community in case I was missing something.

Maybe that’s a product improvement suggestion for the folks at Axigen, an automated mailbox backup solution.

Again, thanks for responding
Regards, A.