Filtered email folder not showing up in Outlook for Mac

I’m testing Axigen in different platforms and email clients.
Now I’ve found something weird: the Filtered email folder doesn’t show up in Outlook for Mac for the test server.
I have 3 cases, all configured using IMAP:
Outlook on Windows 10 - ok, filtered email folder shows up
Spark on MacOS High Sierra (10.13.6) - ok, filtered email folder shows up
Outlook on MacOS High Sierra - no sign of Filtered email folder in two accounts.

However, I’m testing a second Axigen server for personal use, and in this case both Outlook Mac and Windows are showing the Filtered email folder.

Where is this controlled?



After setting a folder for the Catch-all and changing the SpamAssassin score from 5 to 8, the Filtered email folders showed up in both accounts…

It’s working now…