How to configure a No Reply email account?

We have create a Domain, under which have mapped multiple accounts.
One of the configured accounts needs to be configured as a No Reply account. Users should not be able to trigger or reply to emails from the respective account

Have tried configuring Send / Receive Restrictions

  • The users are still able to send messages to the respective email address.
  • We are not able to view the emails triggered by user in the inbox.

Do these changes take time to reflect?

Please suggest best solution for the same.

Hello Jigar,

You may choose to deactivate SMTP Receiving service for that particular account and you will be able to send messages from that account but only from WebMail.

If you still like to use an email client than you should use an Advance Routing / Accepting Rule in which you may reject messages when the recipient is that particular account.

Please let us know if you need further guidance.


Hi Sir,

I am a business user, can you help me steps on configuring the same.

Repeating my use case: I want to set up one email account out of the multiple as no-reply. So customer can’t reply back on email sent through the respective email address

Hello Jigar,

Let’s assume the email account you like to set as no-reply is

In order to prevent message delivery to this email address you have to login into Axigen WebAdmin and:
1/ Go to Security & Filtering > Accepting & Routing > Advance Settings
2/ Hit Add Acceptance / Routing Rule button
3/ Set the name of the new rule, like: no-reply-for-announcements
4/ Enable the rule if it is not already enabled
5/ From Conditions > select Recipient Email
6/ Set the Condition to: is and
7/ From Actions > select SMTP Action
8/ Set the SMTP action to Reject
9/ Set the Explanation to: Message rejected for no-reply addresses
10/ Save Configuration

You should have something like:


Not able to locate Advanced acceptance and Routing rules

This is what I see

You are not a Super Account of the Axigen Mail Server.
You have a restrictive access and full access only on your domain.