HTML body filtering - unwanted result

I have “problem”… If I receive email like: 3 steps to unlocking your creativity.eml.txt (78.7 KB)

If my " HTML Body Filtering Level" is at level “No Filtering” or “Low level filtering”, result is empty message. No text, no pictures. Nothing.
If filter level is more strict, like “Medium level filtering”, I get the text of the message, but not pictures.

Why so? If I select “No Filtering”, it should not filter everything away.

Current WebMail version:


here’s to hoping that axigen will be quick to fix this.

Now I have version and it still have same problem. Those problematic emails (I don’t know what is wrong with them; some HTML error?) are still totally empty on the web interface.

Hello again!

This is very sad to hear. Have you contacted support in this regard?


No, I haven’t… So, the support don’t “read” these message areas?


Please know that we have reproduced the rendering error on our side and reported this behavior to our development team for analysis.

Thank you.

Here is other example. This time it’s from -airline company

Heading for summer together.eml.txt (194.4 KB)

Are there any updates regarding this issue?

Now I have version and there is no change! So, the problem still exists.

Problem still exists at “Axigen Mail Server version”

Probem still exists at “Axigen Mail Server version”

Could you please post a print screen of the issue. Thank you.

I have collected all those problem emails to same folder… End result is same, nothing is shown on the screen even at the settings I don’t have filtering