iPhone mail not displaying contents of Public Folders

My first post, setup everything first go including letsencrypt. My only issue seems to be with Public folders or Other users inbox and only with iPhone mail. I use quite a few individual email addresses for receive only so the public folders suit perfectly and do not require additional licencing.

On the iPhone when a Public folder is selected the emails list perfectly with the two preview lines. When opened the contents of any email is blank. If I forward that email the contents will be displayed. Sub folders of the main address work properly.

Security works properly on non iPhone mail clients and the contenet is available and renders properly when forwarded or replied to.

Any ideas, just a pain to view contents.


Hello Ian,

Could you provide the eml source of such message (better please share 2 or 3, in a ZIP archive) so we could test your report on our side as well?

Best regards,

PS: please also include some additional information like Axigen and iPhone versions are you using.

Hi Ioan,
thanks for the quick reply.

Not sure how to save as .eml in Outlook.

I have done some more testing and it appears to be only on the latest versions of ios.
iPhone X has latest: 12.4.1
iPad has an older version 11.? and does not have the problem.
Axigen has just been updated to, did not work on the previous version either.

I don’t think its anything to do with the email content.

The setup is with user with full shared access to other users and public folders.
I have a second user at and a public folder with an email address public@…

If an email is sent from xxx to user1@…, user2@… and public@… it can be seen in the list of both inboxes and the public folder, subject and first 2 lines. Opening from user1 inbox, no problem. Opening from the other two there is no subject or detail.
If I forward the message using the iphone from user2’s inbox to user1 the contents are displayed and successfully sent as a normal forwarded message.

I’m travelling at the moment so communication may be a little slow.


Hi Ioan,
I replied yesterday but it seems not to have come through.

The problem seems to be only with the latest IOS v12, my iPhone uses 12.4. I have an iPad on 11.? and its not a problem, something Apple has changed.

If I send an email to my user inbox, another user’s Inbox and to a public folder, it is OK in my Inbox or any sub folder if I move it. That same email viewed in the shared folder or other or the other user inbox(shared to me) has no content when opened. the email structure must be OK as I can forward it with all contents viewable and intact. If I move the Public folder email back to my inbox there is no problem.

Axigen is Windows, I just updated as it was on the prior version and was not working either.

I am away at the moment so not sure if sending a file in eml will be of any use.


Hello Ian,

On our test iPad that is running iOS 12.4 we see that when trying to view a message from a Public Folder its content is not displayed and there is a message saying This message has not been downloaded from the server.

Now, the single explanation I have is that both Public Folders and Other user’s folders are treated different by iOS MailApp (most probably they try to “protect” your mobile device from downloading unnecessarily messages as them are not in your own subscribed folders).

The interesting part is that if you choose Edit and select one such message than the message is displayed but only during this operation.


Hi Ioan,
thanks for checking, its sort of what I expected but I don’t get the “This message has not been downloaded from the server” .

I assume nothing can be done here, at lest I can see the first lines and edit it to view the content.


Hello Ian,

This is strange as we’ve tested with an iPhone with iOS 12.4 as well.

Could you please share 2 screenshots:

  • one with the list on messages from the Public folder - so we could see the 2 lines snippets
  • one with the message (like after choosing one message from that Public Folder)