Most messages go to Junk

I moved from Kerio to Axigen. I like to features of Axigen, however some simple config’s at Kerio are not so simple in Axigen.

I’m a bit unsure how the message flow within Axigen goes

  1. I want all blocked at smtp receive, there no easy way to do this,
  2. If there is a (account) filter rule I want the filter rule applied,
  3. if there is a junk rule I want it applied
  4. the rest needs to be dumped into /INBOX

Most of my messages get dumped into JUNK (not spam, but JUNK). These messages are valid, some do have filter rules to put them in certain folders. Others need to goto inbox.

So a) how is the message flow within Axigen, b) how do I reset/prevent the “Junk” labeling?

Your requests are not clear so for block receiving from domain or an account please read below link:

To mark as SPAM or TRASH please read the following link: