Not working filters because of broken characters


I am using the Axigen mail server and it works great.

One problem is filtering in the webmail system.
I set the condition of a filter as ‘From, contains,’.
But the filter cannot find mails that meet the condition because it has a broken Korean string as below.
From: "Çѱ¹Á¤º¸°úÇÐȸ" <>
The characters are broken because the charset of the mail is ‘euc-kr’ for Korean characters.
Even it has broken characters, Latin alphabets are shown correctly since the euc-kr is an extension of ASCII.
Then, I think the filter would work fine, but it doesn’t.

How can I solve this problem?

Is there any way to find the mails from ‘’?

Yours sincerely

Please take a picture from your rule and describe it.

Thank you for your answer. I didn’t know that I can upload the screenshots.


This is a screenshot of the rule.


And, this is a screenshot of the target mail that is not filtered by the rule.

Even the name of the ‘from’ is broken, the email address is ‘’.

How can I fix the problem?


I never got the Filtering in Webmail Settings to work on my System.
Had to resort to Webadmin -> Acceptance & Routing -> Advanced Settings.

That`s not true.
I had more that fifty rules in my webmail.

Condition sets true. and incoming email address is english.
what did you set in action section?

This is a screenshot of the action part, just move the mails to a specific folder.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I cannot use it since I want to move the mails to a specific folder in an account.

targeted_mail.txt (4.5 KB)

And this is the eml file of the mail in the screenshot.

The encoding is ‘EUC-KR’ so you can see the same characters if you open the file by ‘UTF-8’.


everything seems good.
please make sure you enabled the rule with status mark:

its not related to encoding.
You can set another rule to test for receiving from yahoo or google.
you can also set processing logs on protocol communication and sent another test and see the reason where email save.
please check and reply

Thank you for your suggestion.

I resolve this issue by using a custom filter as below

Fortunately, the mails have ‘X-Original-MAILFROM’ tag whose value is ‘’.

So the filter can catch the mails with this condition.

Still, I think the reason for this issue is the encoding problem, but I am not sure.

Thank you for your replies again.

Yours sincerely

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