On SPF Error or DNSBL[true] -> deliver to spam folder?


In the webadmin -> Security and Filtering -> Additional Antispam Methods

I have SPF check enabled and I’ve added 2 DNSBL lists.
However, It would be nice if I can say that any incoming emails that are flagged by these settings, could still be delivered, but sent to the spam folder of the recipient.

Then we would still get false prositives in our inbox, but actual positives are left in Spam folder.

I get your drift, but truth is: DNSBLs were made to avoid these servers even connecting.
You can’t expect Axigen or any other mail server to go against the core nature of DNSBLs: Relieve strain of mail servers, connections and users by blocking these servers immediately and not accepting anything from them.

Everything else is a job for the Spam filter.