Outlook connector unable to BCC self

I have a few users that when using Outlook 2016 and Outlook Connector are unable to send to themselves.
Anytime their primary email address is in the TO, CC, or BCC it seems to be ignored.
Using an alias works though.


Please know that we were not able to reproduce this behavior.
We used in our Test 64 bit Office 365, 64 bit Outlook Connector on Windows 10

In order to further investigate this, please replicate this behavior with a test message, mention the exact replication steps and provide us the source of the message from the “Sent” folder and from an Inbox folder that received that message.

Please note that the source of the message in EML format can be obtained from the WebMail interface > click on the message > click on Source > Click on “Download as EML”

We are waiting for your response.

Thank you.