Outlook Connetor with Office 365

Does the Axigen Outlook connector work with Office 365 32bit.

I have been trying to set up the 32 bit connector with Windows 7 and have not had any success. I;m wondering if I’m messing something up or if it does not work yet with Office 365.



Thank you for your message.

Please confirm that you have installed the 32 bit version of Outlook Connector and also mention if you have any Antivirus installed on that machine.

Also, as additional information, please provide us screenshot(s) with the encountered behavior (along with a short description).

Thank you.

I can also confirm that there are issues with the latest version of the outlook connector. I have a brand new test machine with the latest version of Axigen + office 365 (64-Bit) + Windows 10 Pro and the connector is slow to respond. Emails will come into my iphone quickly, but never show up quickly in outlook.

Once I delete the emails on my phone, they are still showing up in outlook, but I can confirm that they are also gone from the webmail interface as well. Only outlook keeps them for some reason.

Running a send / recieve doesn’t clear them either. Only a total shutdown of outlook and relaunch of the app clears them. I don’t know if its the cached version or the 5 minute sync but it doesn’t sync the way it should.

Outlook also frequently stops responding and I need to force quit it.
This only happens with users who have the outlook connector. Anyone else utilizing IMAP / CalDAV do not have this problem. I have no issues with iphones, iPads, Apple Mail, etc. Only outlook and only with the connector being installed. Ideally we’d like to have the outlook connector working properly in order to offer it, however its just not that usable with the frequent issues

Issues that I see with the current version of the outlook connector:
1.) Outlook often freezes up and has to be force quit
2.) Searching often causes outlook to freeze and has to be force quit
3.) Emails that are deleted on another device are not deleted in outlook
4.) New emails will arrive in outlook, but previously deleted emails are still in the INBOX
5.) Manually running send / receive does not resolve email mismatch listings between devices.
6.) Synchronizing of data when it does update takes time.
7.) Sending emails often sit in outbox for an extended amount of time. Sometimes you need to quit outlook and relaunch it in order to get it to send.

On my test machine, its Windows 10 Pro, Outlook 365 (Latest version), with no anti-anything software on it (for now)

Taking in consideration that you have already open a ticket through the support channel regarding this subject, we will continue to further analyze there.
Nevertheless I will try to post here the resolution in case other clients encounter the same behavior.

Thank you.