Queue stuck on Axigen statistics email / SpamAssassin

I’m having a weird behavior here: at least once a week the system stops processing the queue, and in most, but not all the cases the problem is in Spamassassin. A few times times ClamAV is stopped, but sometimes none of the two are stopped.
It is a home server, so to make it simple I just reboot the whole Debian VM.
This works most of the time, UNLESS one of the two first emails is an Axigen-generated statistics email. Deleting this specific email allows the system to resume operation.

Any idea what is so relevant regarding this statistics email?


Hi Udo,

funny, but on a customer’s server I had similar issues
ClamAv is known to quit, when it assumes there’s not enough RAM left to work with.
Rebooting the server often was the only workaround.

As far as Spamassassin is concerned: You should be able to see the SA rating in the source of these E-Mails.
That might give you a hint where the actual problem with these e-mails lies.
That again might give you a clue on how to whitelist these E-mails.


Hi Jeroen,

The SA rating, where can I find it? Can’t see it in the Axigen queue, also because that I assume that whatever is in the queue hasn’t been processed yet


Normally you’d find it either in the SA logs or in the source of the received e-mail.