Remove ghost accounts

Dear @indreias
I’m using axigen 10.5.5.
My axigen use ADDS to authenticate users.
What are ghost accounts?
How can I remove them?


Hello @Mohammad,

Ghosts accounts are the ones that were previously added in Axigen when a synchronization LDAP connector was used but deleted after the synchronization has disabled / removed.

These deleted accounts are not anymore reported by “list accounts” (or seen in WebAdmin) but, because the removal was not confirmed by the AD / LDAP Axigen keep them in the so called “ghosts” list.

You could use the following relevant CLI commands (from domain context):

LIST Ghosts [wildcard (ex: account*)] - lists ghost accounts waiting for ldap synchronization
REMOVE GHOSTS [wildcard (ex: g*)] - remove ghost accounts from the domain


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