Replying to received email: "Please correct the invalid email addresses."


|Operating system:|Windows / x64|
|Current Server version:||
|Current WebMail version:||
|Current WebAdmin version:||


I sent a message to a company using their online form.

I received a reply from an address with this format:
(For example:

But when I reply to that email, Axigen Webmail asks me to fix the email address…

I tried sending from my address and It worked fine.

I suspect the “~” is seen as an “illegal” character?

Can you please look into this for the next update?


Thank you for your message.

Please know that we have reported this issue internally (AXI-4076) and we will keep you posted with any further information in this matter.

Thank you.
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Following back to our conversation please know that this issue has been solved in the newest version of Axigen (

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Thank you!

keep up the good work with this software!