Sender doesn't have SPF record, but Axigen Greylisted it

Had an interesting one this week. A company e-mailed me and I received it. I also replied without a problem. When they tried reply back to me, they got an NDR. (Their e-mail is hosted by Google.)

When I checked my SMTP Receive logs, I can see them trying to e-mail me, but get the following lines in the log:

  • Greylist mail
  • 451 Temporary rejected by greylisting
  • Set mail state to REMOVED

The SPF result shows that there is no SPF record and I have the server configured to deliver these messages:

What am I missing? What can I look at to see why my server removed the e-mail?


there is seperate settings for Greylisted. If you dont want to disabled it then you should ask the sender to resend the email. but if not you can disable completely the greylisting of axigen.


Same problem for me on an external Googlemail hosted domain. Nearly no mail gets through from this domain, most of them are graylisted - again and again - until google mail server gives up and returns error message to original sender.
Remark - only get mails from it from time to tim, no “heavy traffic” remote domain with multiple mails a day.

How to solve it?