Static IP on VMware virtual appliance

I’m currently trying to use the Axigen virtual appliance in my vmware home cluster. I really like the software so far, however the one thing that is bugging me is that it is installed as DHCP. I’ve resorted to using ‘vi’ to modify config files in redhat OS to try to set it to a static IP. Every time I try to do this, issues begin to arise in the server.
So before I bang my head on this much further I wanted to ask if there’s an easier way to set this virtual appliance to a static IP that I am not seeing?
Many thanks!!

Hello Mike,

Instead of directly editing the OS network file(s) my suggestion is to use the dedicated tools to made the needed change - in this case nmtui (mentioned here).

Could you confirm that it works for you?


Thanks for your reply @indreias ! I somehow missed that particular guide - how embarrassing.
What is strange is that when I login via the root OS user, the banner that shows “To access the WebAdmin…” continues to show the original DHCP address, even after reboot. However I am connecting through the static IP.
I’m not sure how it is referencing that original IP still, do you?


Hello Mike,

Yes, the IP “seen” at the deployment time is saved in 2 files:

  • /etc/motd
  • /etc/issue

You could made your own changes into the above files without affecting in any ways the Axigen service.


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