Stressful experience with updating

Axigen stopped working for me today, when starting the service it would stop by itself after a few seconds.

nothing mentioned in log\everything.txt, but in event log in axigen monitor it mentioned:
“cannot update message storages for user (some error code)
server shutting down (some error code)”
event log is empty after update, so dont have the error codes.

Not so much info to work on, as I could not access the webadmin either.
After some searching I found that my license might’ve ran out, which was the case.
after updating the License, stuff started working again.

I decided to update from 10.1.15 to 10.2.35, using the .msi installer.

After running that, the service was set to disabled and scheduled for deletion.
I restarted and added a new service manually.

But then I could not log in to any accounts, and I could not enable the Domain in webadmin.

found out my Domain folder was empty…

Lukily I run a backup of domains and run folder each night, so I was able to get all back and running, but the deletion of my domain folder was a scare, hopefully no one else gets theirs deleted.

Question: How can I set up a notification that my license is about to run out, so I dont have to go through all this again?

Our licensing system sends notification emails to the email address used to register your license key with 30 and 7 days in advance. Can you check that you received these messages?

When you install an update on windows using the MSI installer, you get prompted at the end whether you want to run the wizard or not. Since this was an existing installation you should choose NOT to run the wizard as you have already an existing configuration and domain already setup.

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I can not see that I received any notification email on the address I used to request the license one year ago.

I did click no, and did not go through any Wizard that asked me to set admin password or port, etc.

I can check for you if the notifications were sent but I need the registration code or the email address

Sent you a Private Message with details on which email addresses should have received the license expiry notification.

Thank you, I have replied.

Sorry, I found the 7 day reminder in my Spam folder now…
received 17.08.19

This is a very good moment to click ‘This is not spam’ so that this does not happen again!