Suggestion - Grey out unavailable options in the Free version

First of all, I would like to say thank you for making a free version available to customers like me looking for a mail server for their immediate family. In return, I will make an effort to report any issues I have encountered here.

While configuring Axigen Mail Server, it was not clear to me that the 5 premium accounts do not include Active Sync. As such, I have spent over an hour debugging something that was locked down by licensing.

Would it be possible to consistently “grey out” features that aren’t available in the free version? You have already done that for the Kaspersky add-ons. On a first look, it seems that Active Sync might be the only option that doesn’t get greyed out.

Hello @jstraten, I think this one is for @gabrielc! Tagging him here to bring this to his attention.