Unable to add account - An error has occurred

Hello Axigen Community,

I am unable to add an account through the Axigen web admin GUI.
When I try to add an account, I get the message:

An error has occurred!

In the log file it says:

WEBADMIN:00003D9E: Failure: create user ‘test2’ in domain ‘mydomain.com

This server has 3 domains.
Domain 1 has 21 accounts
Domain 2 has 51 accounts (this is where I’m trying to add an account)
Domain 3 has 4 accounts

When I delete an account in domain 2, I am able to add an account in domain 2.
There are no issues when adding accounts to domain 1 and domain 3.

Some info about this server:

License type: Service Provider Messaging / Perpetual
Software maintenance expiry date: February 08, 2019
Users licensed: 30000
Operating system: Linux / x64
Current Server version:
Current WebMail version:
Current WebAdmin version:

You have permissions on 3 domains.
Active services: CLI, IMAP, Log, POP3, Processing, SMTP Receiving, SMTP Sending, WebAdmin, WebMail
Active email filtering applications: Axigen TNEF Decoder

Anybody knows how to find the cause and fix it?
Thank you.

Hello @neuroticimbecile

This error occurs when you are connected with “admin” account or another administrative account ?

Also you may check if you have any limits imposed for that domain in Webadmin → Administration rights → Domain Admin Limits.


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Thank you very much.
It was the Domain Admin Limits.

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