Upgrade of 8.1 to the latest version

I have a customer that has been running a perpetually licensed version of Axigen 8.1.1 on linux for several years. They just purchased a license for 10.3. I see instructions on upgrading from version 9 to version X, can I do the same thing to upgrade from version 8.1.1 to version 10.3?

First, before you start to upgrade you need to make a full backup from Axigen working directory and Domain storages.
1- upload the new license.
2- download Axigen version 9 and install it.
3- download Axigen version 10 and install it. (before install 10.3 check OS compatibilty)

Axigen 9 rpm: https://www.axigen.com/usr/files/axigen-9.0.2/axigen-9.0.2.x86_64.rpm.run

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Hello Kevin,

If you / your client have not already contacted the Axigen Support team Iā€™m highly advicing to do it in order to have them double check the finale upgrade procedure.