Upgrading Operating System (Ubuntu)

My organization is looking at upgrading our Axigen server’s operating system. Currently, we are using Ubuntu 14.01 and moving to Ubuntu 18.01. I’m looking for the best path to upgrade with minimal impact. What advise can this community offer with this effort?

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In order to provide you a conclusive answer please let us know what Axigen server version you use.

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ii axigen 10.2.1-1 amd64 AXIGEN Mail Server.

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Please know that the Axigen service should not be affected in the OS upgrade procedure.
The only thing you should consider is to make sure you stop the Axigen service before a machine restart operation is done.

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Following back to our conversation, please know that If your intention is to migrate from the Ubuntu14 server to a remote (different) Ubuntu18 server, you have the following approaches:

  1. Relying on Axigen’s Automatic Migration functionality
  2. Copying the Axigen working directory to the new server. (recommended)
  1. The Automatic Migration is the safest approach and does not involve any service downtime. The disadvantages are that you need to keep both servers online during the migration, and that it will be slower than the second approach. Also, this approach copies user data such as emails, calendar items etc but not the server’s/user’s configuration or user filters. Also, because messages that were sent to multiple local recipients would be copied to the mailbox of each user, and therefore the disk usage would be a bit higher. This approach is detailed in our online KB article at:

  2. Directly copying the Axigen working directory to the new server. This approach is faster and copies all data, however during the copy operation, the Axigen service must be in a stopped state on both machines - which means that you can not avoid a service downtime period. The required steps are presented below:

  • install on the Ubuntu18 server exactly the same Axigen Mail Server version as the one installed on the Ubuntu14 server
  • do not start the axigen services on the Ubuntu18 server
  • stop the axigen services on the Ubuntu14 server
  • copy the Axigen working directory, /var/opt/axigen , from the Ubuntu14 server to the working directory ( /var/opt/axigen) on the Ubuntu18 server
  • start the axigen service on the Ubuntu18 server

Please keep us updated in this matter.

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