Web admin no longer available after update!

Hello board !

i took over the axigen server from my predecessor for 1 year,
everything worked well, i used the WebAdmin almost every day :slight_smile:
then the axigen-support advised me to do an update …
they send me a link to the latest patch, and the instruction to stop the axigen-service
and first rename the Web Mail and Webadmin folders, and then copy the new folders into the Axigen folder
=> restart the service
since this … the WebAdmin is no more available, AND a connection via Putty generates “fatal errors”

what did the update destroy and how do i fix it?


You know that it is not a good idea to switch the plumber before finishing his job :wink: so my advice is to work with Support and let them know your current situation.

Now, I’ve never heard about changing something in Axigen (like installing a patch) with the consequence of generating “fatal errors” on the SSH client. Thus, most probably you made some more actions during that maintenance window and my second advice is to investigate first why you could not anymore connect to your machine via SSH.



the ones from the support were the ones who told me to do the update and gave me the appropriate link.
since then the axigen is broken , I wish I hadn’t listened to the support :frowning:

well, the WebAdmin is no more available
and a connection via Putty generates a fatal error
I think because the service isnt available anymore as the WebAdmin

I downloaded this, and followed the guide:

but axigen is the last crap


I’m sorry to hear that you did not managed to install the updates on your Windows server.

Other that letting you work with Support team I could not provide any other suggestions.


and as we found out, since the failed update we can no longer receive any emails from abroad

That means, in the Christmas business without a mail server

but the support would like to see that later
keep your fingers crossed