Webmail missing BASIC features

One of the main reasons that I chose AXIGEN was because it had a nicer built-in webmail client than other servers. Installing an actual local software email client is old school, and takes up too much drive space and just creates another point of potential failure. I dont need more issues to troubleshoot.

However, the more I use AXigen webmail, the more I find it lacking:

  • NO Column Titles / Grid Headders at the top of the email list. (To, FROM, SUBJECT, SIZE)
  • NO ability to SORT emails by column (To, FROM, SUBJECT, SIZE)
  • NO ablity to edit/rename an email subject
  • NO ability to “tag” an email with a category (and then sort on it)
  • NO ability to natively dedupe contacts

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add these features!! And SOON!

Oh, and AXIGEN needs a native mobile app for mail too. Android and iOS. :wink:

Hello Pete,

Regarding your last message

I could only confirm that 99.99% there will be no native mobile app for Axigen server (not 100% as it is said that “never say never” :wink:)

My advice is to get used with the “stripped down” interface available through the mobile browsers. In case you have not yet activated it you could do it from WebAdmin > Services > Mobility & Sync > Enable Mobile WebMail.


Did you notice this:

Ah, no I didn’t see that. 99% of the email clients that I’ve used have it at the top. Didn’t expect it to be “hidden” at the bottom corner. :wink:

Now if we could just add categories and sort by those… :slight_smile:


Pete, we will add categories at some point, but it’s not yet among our next priorities.

You might want to vote on and follow this Product Community thread: This is where we will announce it when we start working on it.