Axigen patches update script - Linux

Our support team have generated a bash script to ease installation of Axigen minor updates (Axigen binary, WebMail, and WebAdmin) on Linux. (use ‘Save-As’ to save the script locally)

SHA1: b53a641837eadece68408ebe1f0a02e0bfc02121

After saving the script on the Axigen Server / VM, make sure you make it executable: chmod +x

Usage: ./ <SERVICE_NAME>

Because this script will restart the Axigen service, we strongly recommend to run it during a maintenance window.

Procedure for Updating Docker Containers
For Docker installs please use the below procedure:

  1. place the update script in the folder where Axigen Working Directory (/var/opt/axigen) is mounted on your disk
  2. using the below command run the script
    # docker exec -it <CONTAINER-ID> sh /var/opt/axigen/ docker
  3. restart the Axigen docker container using:
    # docker restart axigen

The CONTAINER-ID can be obtained using:
# docker ps -a

:warning: Note that this script is not suitable for High-availability cluster installations.

Feel free to express your feedback about this script here or by contacting support team.

Updated: 2019-05-30T21:00:00Z


Ok…I’m having trouble running this script.

  1. First it downloaded RAW!! So, I just selected the text and and named a file
  2. Ran said file ./
  3. Results:
    m@mx:/home/m# ./ /opt/axigen/bin/axigen
    bash: ./ Permission denied



Before running the script make the script file executable. The commands should be similar with:

chmod +x
./ axigen


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Wonderful, thanks for the script. It makes updating a lot more easier. :grinning:

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Note: this script requires which and curl to be installed on your system.

Stay tuned - both dependencies will be removed on next release :wink:


Awesome, this script will replace my own Shellscript I’ve created some time ago. :tada:

Will this script also get published on your public github account like the automation tools?
This could simplify the deployment for some of us (ex. git clone).

The scrip is great! However :slight_smile: it would be nicer to have an updated .deb, .rpm and us that to install :slight_smile:

Why isn’t just possible to use docker pull and get a new image with the patches applied?


Currently a new docker image is created only when a new Axigen version is available (like for .rpm and .deb installers and all the other supported deployment methods). If and when the deployment policy will be changed we’ll announce via our newsletters.


I’m using Linux / x64 , WebAdmin version , We need auto update option of Axigen patches update .
Just one click the option, it will be auto update !!!

Helal Uddin