Can not send to inbox, only spam

I try to config DNS on Cloudflare and configuration in web admin , I follow this tutorial: DomainKeys & DKIM | Axigen Documentation and complete.
Iam also trying connect SPAMMASSISSIN but still get error all mail go to SPAM .
This is DNS config on cloudflare:


There is no simple answer that may explain why your messages are delivered into recipient’s spam folder.

Could you please check if your IP address used for external communication are present into DNSBL lists?

The easiest way is to use this online resource as it is able to check it into multiple databases.

Another way to check if all is fine with your setup is to send a message to one account and check what it is displayed when pressing “Show original” - you should see PASS for SPF, DKIM and DMARC.

Lastly, there are some other online tools that may help in spotting any issues for your sent messages, like: