DomainKeys & DKIM

Advanced Configuration of Axigen

On the Axigen machine

DNS configuration

Add an entry similar with:



In order to get <content_of_public_key_pem_file_on_1_line>, you could run the following command:

Replace the name of the .pem file with the one you actually used.For the more experience, the final grep -v AAAAAAAAAA has the purpose of adding a new "\n" to wrap the prompt on a new line. The string AAAAAAAAAA is highly unlikely to be present in the public key.

If bind DNS server is used, you should split the 'p' value on multiple lines as bind accept only 256 characters per line

The "p" value need to be split to 256 characters per line.

Here's an example on how to generate this on Linux, using your existing public key:


More info on how to set up DKIM

Check if the DNS entry has been propagated with the following command:

dig +short txt @

Axigen WebAdmin

For incoming messages

Acceptance & Routing → Advanced Settings Rule name: "Check_DomainKeys_and_DKIM"

For signing outgoing messages

Acceptance & Routing → Advanced Settings Rule name: "DomainSign-domain1_com"