Conversation Indexes

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Implementation details

Starting with Axigen X4 webmail can be configured to group messages by conversations.

It is the job of the conversation index to compute which messages belong to which conversation.

In Axigen a conversation is built based on the RFC822 In-Reply-To and References headers (this is in contrast with other products that also make use of the Subject header). Since a conversation involves messages across various folders, Axigen conversations are computed at account level, therefore a single conversation index exists per each axigen account.

The conversation index is stored within one sqlite database, written in the filesystem the Axigen domain is hosted on but outside the Axigen domain storage managed from CLI/WebAdmin. The root folder for the conversation index databases is /var/opt/axigen/domains/<domain_name>/conversation.idx.

CLI Commands

Commands that display information related to the conversation indexes are listed below.

Status of indexes for a given account

In the CLI account context (the context that is opened by the "update account" command) there exist a number of CLI calls that show information about sort indexes.

CLI command


The command displays:

  • the total number of messages for this account

  • the number of indexed messages

  • the number of conversations

  • index size

  • if the index is up to date

Status of Indexing Jobs at Server Level

In the processing context (accessible by using config server followed by config processing), a command provides information about the conversation indexing jobs currently running on the server:

CLI command