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Established in 2001, Axigen focuses on the development and distribution of innovative messaging solutions.

About Axigen


Axigen is an all-in-one email, calendaring and collaboration platform, based on an innovative, proprietary technology, providing unmatched manageability for system administrators.

Integrating all modules in a robust messaging solution, Axigen is developed for demanding users, from small businesses to large service providers.

Customer service

It is our priority to provide high quality tech support to all our customers. That's why we’ve designed support plans to accommodate specific needs: from free basic support, available 24x7, to high-level support and managed services for companies functioning in mission-critical environments.

The responsiveness and efficiency of our support team have always been highly appreciated and are continuously monitored through customer survey programs.

Mission and values

Because we believe that when it comes to how people communicate and collaborate, there is no “one size fits all”, our mission is to deliver a custom, all-in-one solution that allows you to communicate the way it works for you, while in total control over your data.

We live our values and make a positive impact on the way people communicate and collaborate.

Passionate about innovation and excellence.

Going to market as one team built on fairness, freedom and personal balance.

Integrity is a choice; we always do what we believe is the right thing.

Axigen history

Jun, 2023

Axigen X5 release & updates

With the main goal of establishing Bitdefender as the AntiMalware & AntiSpam provider of choice, Axigen X5 follows a shorter development cycle and incorporates new features like Schedule Send and Undo Send, alongside indexing performance optimizations.

Nov, 2022 -
Jun, 2023

Axigen X4 release & updates

With more than 2.5 years of development, X4 is one of the heaviest versions in terms of new features — for end-users, admins, and developers. It adds a conversation view, labels support, dark mode in WebMail, a brand new Mailbox API for client development, OAuth support, as well as a cloud-native Kubernetes packaging, along with support for many new operating systems.

Nov, 2019 -
Nov, 2022

Axigen X3 release & updates

Under the "Ex3tra security. Ex3tra user experience." umbrella, X3 adds new security layers topped by extra convenience — 2-Step Verification, SSL certificates management, Calendar search, and new installation flow — plus newly added support for the latest operating systems like Red Hat Enterprise 8, Windows Server 2019, or Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

May - Nov,

Axigen X2 release & updates

Targeted to both admins and end-users, this version has a focus on user experience, aiming to make things simpler and richer through automation, Let's Encrypt certificates, default branding, in-product support options, or the newly build Axigen TNEF Decoder.

Jul, 2017

Reinforced channel focus and a new VP of Global Sales

As part of its ongoing commitment to its Channel, Axigen Messaging announces Abi Vickram as Vice President of Global Sales. Abi brings over 13 years of global technology sales and marketing leadership experience to the Axigen team and takes over Axigen's Channel business management — helping Channel partners enhance their existing offerings with Axigen's solutions.

Mar, 2017

Axigen X1 release

With a wide range of new features, spanning from CalDAV to Auto-discovery to HTML Notes to automatic storage compacting to exdended clients support, the major X1 version is Axigen X on steroids — its name stands for 1 noteworthy change in each product area.

Mar, 2016

Axigen X release

Coming after a year of dedicated work, Axigen X marks the transition to a new technology era — with IPv6 and 64-bit in the forefront — and brings a whole lot of awesomeness to both the users and the admins, through a redesigned mobile webmail, multiple signatures, SNI support, WebMail branding, and more.

Nov, 2015

Axigen 9.0.2 update

The first Axigen iX update, version 9.0.2 comes with Microsoft Outlook 2016 support, horizontal reading pane and mini calendar expand / collapse in WebMail, as well as a number of bug fixes.

Jun, 2015

Axigen iX release

The first major version after two years of incremental improvements on v8, Axigen iX is the result of more than 6 months of development and marks the beginning of a new evolution cycle. It introduces a new webmail client, a revamp on the interfaces, as well as CardDAV support.

Nov, 2014

Axigen 8.2 update

Mainly a compatibility update, Axigen 8.2 adds support for RHEL 7 and CentOS 7, compatibility with the Win 8.1 Desktop and Win 8.1 Phone mail clients, a time-zone definition update, as well as Perfect Forward Secrecy in SSL connections.

May, 2014

Axigen 8.1.2 update

The minor version 8.1.2 is released, including several major enhancements such as the 64 bit compatibility on Windows Server Platforms, the integration with Kaspersky’s latest Anti-Spam technology, and the Arabic Right-To-Left support in the Ajax WebMail interface.

Aug, 2013

Axigen 8.1.1 update

The minor version 8.1.1 is released, focusing on improved clustering setup, extended policies and better flexibility on administrative operations.

Dec, 2012

Axigen acquisition

Axigen Messaging acquires the product and the technology from Gecad Technologies.

Oct, 2012

Axigen 8.1 release

Axigen releases major version 8.1 which includes Image Analyzer based filtering, recovery of lost username or password and several other functional enhancements.

March, 2011

Axigen 8.0 release

Gecad Technologies unveils the fully grown Axigen 8.0 with advanced messaging and collaboration capabilities. With this major version, users receive all the benefits of having a full-featured Ajax WebMail interface, as well as enhanced Outlook connectivity and streamlined administration.

Jan, 2011

Axigen 7.6.1 update

The minor version 7.6.1 is released, focusing on enhanced usability and manageability, and bringing improvements related to: Instant Messaging, platform localization and the WebMail interface.

Nov, 2010

Axigen 7.6 release

Axigen 7.6 increases efficiency with new administration and automation tools, as well as the availability of an Instant Messaging service that can be accessed from the Ajax WebMail interface.

Sept, 2010

Axigen 7.5 release

The new major version 7.5 of Axigen raises the bar for email security and performance by bringing embedded Kaspersky AntiVirus & AntiSpam protection, native connectivity with MS Outlook 2010, support for 64-bit Linux & Windows systems and many other new features and enhancements.

July, 2010

Axigen 7.4.1 update

Axigen v7.4.1 delivers an increased level of usability for the Ajax WebMail interface by introducing great new features such as the ability to attach files by using drag-and-drop.

June, 2010

Axigen 7.4 release

Gecad Technologies releases the 7.4 commercial version of the Axigen messaging platform and a new, attractive licensing model offering up to ten times more users with every solution, at no extra charge.

March, 2010

Alliance with MailSite Software, Inc

Axigen provides BlackBerry® users with two-way over-the-air synchronization of emails, contacts and calendars via the AstraSync™ client, as a result of a technological alliance established with MailSite Software, Inc.

Dec, 2009

Axigen 7.3 release

The commercial release of Axigen v7.3 comes to further emphasize the user-centric trend of our product by focusing on effortless manageability and a higher level of security, through the introduction of a brand new Identity Confirmation system.

Oct, 2009

Axigen 7.2.1 update

Minor version 7.2.1 brings several new features and enhancements mainly related to the AJAX WebMail and domains configuration.

Sept, 2009

Axigen 7.2 release

Axigen Mail Server v7.2 is released, giving a technology preview of the new, Ajax WebMail interface which provides users with a desktop-like email experience and is ideal for the Service Provider market segment.

June, 2009

Alliance with Arcmail Technology

Gecad Technologies and Arcmail Technology establish a technological alliance aimed at offering high-end, integrated messaging and archiving solutions.

May, 2009

BlackBerry® support

Following the signing of a technological agreement with Notify Technology Corporation, Axigen's mobile email and groupware functionalities are made available to BlackBerry® smart phone users.

Apr, 2009

Axigen 7.1 release

The new 7.1 commercial release of our messaging solution facilitates improved communication and collaboration for organizations of all sizes by adding support for iCalendar (Webcal) - compatible email / calendaring clients.

March, 2009

ActiveSync® licensing agreement with Microsoft & Axigen 7.0 release

Gecad Technologies and Microsoft Corporation sign an Exchange ActiveSync® patent licensing agreement. Axigen v7.0 brings advanced features such as Push Email and PIM synchronization with mobile devices.

Jan, 2009

Axigen 6.2.2 update

Version 6.2.2 of Axigen Mail Server is released, featuring AVG AntiVirus and AntiSpam protection for Linux/FreeBSD.

Nov, 2008

Hosted Axigen messaging

Gecad Technologies and Hostway Romania sign a business agreement aimed at including hosted Axigen messaging services in Hostway Romania's SaaS offering.

Oct, 2008

Axigen 6.2 release

Axigen announces the launch of version 6.2, featuring Commtouch's Real Time AntiSpam Protection and many other important security and delegated administration functionalities.

Aug, 2008

Axigen for Windows

The commercial version of the Axigen Mail Server for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 operating systems is officially launched.

May, 2008

Axigen 6.1 release

Axigen Mail Server v6.1 is released. The new version introduces a Mobile WebMail Interface enabling users to access their WebMail account from mobile phones connected to the Internet.

Apr, 2008

Axigen - MailArchiva integrated solution

Gecad Technologies and Stimulus Software close partnership aimed to provide an Axigen - MailArchiva integrated solution.

March, 2008

Axigen 6.0 release

Axigen releases version 6.0 of its messaging solution; the new mail server version is designed to effectively address the requirements of both collaborative enterprises and service providers offering hosting with added advanced collaboration services.

Febr, 2008

Axigen partnership with Parallels

Gecad Technologies closes a strategic technological partnership with Parallels resulting in an integrated Axigen Mail Server and Parallels Virtuozzo Containers solution for the Software as a Service business model.

Nov, 2007

New investment round from VC consortium

Axigen announces a 2 million EUR investment from a consortium comprised of venture capital funds and technology companies, such as Global Finance and 3TS-Cisco Growth Fund III.

Oct, 2007

Axigen 5.0 release

Axigen announces the launch of version 5.0 and the implementation of its messaging solution at, the largest portal in the Middle East, serving over 4 million users.

Aug, 2007

Over 100 partners in 60 countries

The Axigen distribution network was increased to over 100 partners in more than 60 countries around the world.

June, 2007

ServerWatch Product Excellence Award & Axigen 4.0 launch

Axigen Mail Server wins the ServerWatch 2007 Product Excellence Award for the Communications Server category. Version 4.0, including a Personal Organizer, Is commercially launched. The distribution network reaches over 80 partners worldwide.

May, 2007

Partnership with Avira

Axigen closes a bilateral technological certification partnership with Avira GmbH.

March, 2007

Axigen 3.0 release

Version 3.0 of the Axigen Mail Server, mainly addressed to ISPs, is commercially released.

Febr, 2007

Axigen & SUN partnership

The Axigen partnership network expands to over 60 distributors worldwide. Axigen becomes SUN Microsystems Associate Partner.

Jan, 2007

500,000 mailboxes worldwide

As a result of the constant expansion of the client database, Axigen manages the email traffic on some 500,000 mailboxes worldwide

Nov, 2006

Axigen 2.0 release

After a successful beta testing campaign, Axigen Mail Server 2.0 was officially launched. The number of distributors worldwide increased to almost 50.

Oct, 2006

Worldwide partnerships milestone

One year into the business, Axigen has signed over 40 local and international partnerships.

Aug, 2006

ServerWatch & Linux Magazine on Axigen

The reputed also reviewed Axigen Mail Server and pointed out that it was "offering turnkey advantages over open source solutions". The German issue of Linux Magazine carries the first comparative review of Axigen; the review is highly appreciative and underlines several features, such as its well-structured Web configuration interface, as well as its professional customer support team. The review was also published in the English version of the magazine.

July, 2006

Axigen distribution coverage increase

The number of countries where Axigen has concluded distribution agreements rises to 28.

March, 2006

First large Service Provider implementation

Axigen signs deal and is successfully implemented with the second largest HSP in Romania, (over 140,000 accounts and 700,000 emails daily). Six months after the official launch, Axigen has already concluded business agreements with 10 international partners from United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands and Romania and manages e-mail traffic for more than 200,000 mailboxes worldwide.

Sept, 2005

Axigen unveiling

The first commercial version of Axigen for all major Linux distributions is unveiled at LinuxWorld Expo, in London.

June, 2005

Axigen beta release

The beta version of Axigen Mail Server is launched, in order to obtain feedback from users worldwide. During this testing period, over 600 specialists verify it, while it is constantly improved with added features.

Sept, 2004

Axigen is born

Gecad Technologies re-designs its business objectives and ventures into a new direction: a large part of the software security division staff takes over the challenge of developing an innovative messaging product, under the brand name Axigen.

June, 2003

RAV technology acquisition by Microsoft

RAV Antivirus sees incredible global growth: 150 distributors in over 60 countries. Microsoft acquires the RAV antivirus technology.

Dec, 2001

Gecad Technologies establishment

Gecad Technologies is established in order to provide software security consulting services.

Jul, 1992

Gecad Software foundation

Gecad Software is founded, with the aim of researching and developing software products; in time, the company grows as one of the most respected local IT companies, gaining awards and recognition on the international market and developing RAV Antivirus.